Integral UltimaPro CompactFlash 300x – 32GB

Integral UltimaPro CompactFlash 300x – 32GB


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  • Integral UltimaPro CompactFlash 300x speed usesan advanced controller to ensure that when you take apicture, data is saved faster, so there is less time to waitbefore taking the next picture – perfect for the latest Digital SLRcameras
  • Supports the Video Performance Guarantee(VPG-20) specification – your guarantee of smooth,professional quality video recording at up to 20MB/s without droppingframes
  • Meets the demands of Full HD video recording in compatibleDigital SLR cameras
  • UDMA 7-enabled, for stunning performance when used withUDMA-enabled devices
  • UltimaPro high-speed performance improves transfer speedsfrom memory card to computer, reducing your post-production time – making it atop choice for photo and video editing professionals
  • Any Digital SLR camera will perform better with the use of anUltimaPro 300x Speed CompactFlash compared to standard speed cards


  • Fast write speed of up to 45MB/sec (300X)*
  • View your pictures with a read speed of up to45MB/sec (300X)*
  • Video Performance Guarantee (VPG-20) specification
  • Supports up to UDMA (Ultra Direct Memory Access) mode 7
  • CompactFlash Association approved
  • CF 5.0 compliant product – Integral CF 300x includes more efficientcommands (higher performance) and supports Trim operations for consistentspeed.
  • Complete with free protective case

Bauform / Kapazität
Bauform CF Typ I
Kapazität 32 GB
Typ / Bus IDE / ATA
Lesen 45 MB/s
Schreiben 45 MB/s
Class-Norm UDMA 7
Abmessungen 43 x 36 x 3.3 mm
Lieferumfang / Farbe
Lieferumfang 1x Karte
Farbe schwarz


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